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Anti Blue Light Glasses in Singapore

Did you know that constant exposure to your computer and mobile phone’s radiation can harm your eyes? Most of you probably know about this. The thing is that we can only do so much to manage our exposure to the radiation from these gadgets. Some of us use computers on a daily basis for our work, subjecting our eyes to harmful radiations. This is why anti blue light glasses or computer glasses are important in Singapore. Anti blue light glasses are gaining popularity in Singapore as an eye protection from radiation. Bettervision offers various types of eyewear with anti blue light lens at affordable prices in Singapore!

Features of our Computer Glasses

Introducing our cutting-edge collection of computer glasses designed to provide unparalleled comfort and protection for your eyes. In today’s digital age, prolonged screen time can take a toll on your vision, leading to discomfort and eye strain. At Bettervision, we prioritise your well-being with computer glasses meticulously crafted to reduce blue light exposure and minimise digital eye strain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are computer glasses good for eyes?

Computer glasses have been widely used to prevent radiation from mobile phones and computer screens from damaging the eyes. It is believed that the yellowish tint of computer glasses is good in filtering the blue lights emitted by our gadgets.

What are anti blue light glasses good for?

Anti blue light glasses are good for shading your eyes from radiation which computer and cellphone screens often emit. They are advised to be worn when your daily activities involve the use of light-emitting gadgets.

Is it bad to wear computer glasses all day?

Wearing computer glasses all day can be uncomfortable to some. Thus, it depends on the person’s preference whether he prefers to change his eyeglasses after working with computers or mobile phones.

How do I know if my prescription glasses come with anti blue light lenses?

The colour of the light reflected off the lenses should be blue in colour. When you wear your computer glasses and look at a white colour screen, it should appear slightly dimmer and have a yellowish hue. With the latest technology in a blue lens like Crizal blue capture, Blue lenses no longer appear yellowish yet still provide you with the same protection against the digital device.

Should I use blue light filter lenses all the time?

This depends on your lifestyle needs. If you face digital devices almost the whole day, it is advisable to wear them all the time. However, you can consider switching to a transition lens or prescription sunglasses when you go outdoors.

Who should wear anti blue light glasses?

Anyone that spends more than 5 hours a day on digital devices such as laptop, tablet and handphone should consider anti blue light glasses. This is especially important if they experience sleeping problems or digital eye strain.

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