BV Smiles

BV Smiles

Get the best of both worlds - 2 pairs of eyewear at the price of 1.

Be it a reliable pair of backup glasses, or another pair to switch up your style, or even a separate pair with different functionalities to suit your needs, we’ve got you covered. Get 2 pairs of eyewear at the price of 1.

Step 1

Browse our wide selection of eyewear frames in any of our stores.

Select the frame for your first pair (from Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Furla, Oakley, ic! berlin, Tumi, Ray-Ban, Police, Charmant, Braun Buffel, OKKIO)

Step 2

Select the frame for your FREE 2nd pair from our OKKIO collection (Essential, Avant-Garde or Kids).

Normal lens are included for this complimentary pair, you may choose to top up for other lens types.

Step 3

Get your eyes checked by one of our experienced eyecare practitioners in store.

Once the frames and lenses for both pairs of eyewear are finalised, you can proceed to pay for the first pair of eyewear / the eyewear of the higher price.

We will contact you once your order is ready!

For a limited time only, we are sweetening the deal for you!

Show this coupon in store to get an additional $10 off your first purchase with us. Please note that this is only valid for new customers of Better Vision.

Book an appointment at any of our stores now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of lenses available?

High Index (Thinner lens)
Computer / Blue-blocking
Anti-fatigue (Reduce eye strain)

Can I select any frame?

Yes, you can select any frame available in stores for the first pair of eyewear. For the FREE 2nd pair, you may select a frame from the OKKIO collection.

Am I able to share the 2 pairs of glasses in this promotion with someone else?

Yes, the lens for the 2nd pair will be sold separately from $80 onwards.

Is this promotion available in all stores?

Yes, you may redeem this offer in any of our stores islandwide.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, all our eyewear comes with 1 year manufacture warranty from the date of purchase. In the event that the original item is no longer in stock, a product of similar value will be given as a replacement.

What is OKKIO?

OKKIO is our in-house brand where we curate a variety of eyewear frames, including 99.99% Japan titanium frames, ultra lightweight frames that weigh less than 5g, frames with screwless hinge and ergonomic designs as well as foldable frames.

What is the price range for eyewear frames?

Prices start from $98 for eyewear frames.

For the OKKIO Collection, frame prices range from $98 – $248. Essentially, if you purchase any eyewear for us through this promotion, you are getting up to $248 value back from the FREE 2nd pair.

Are there frames available for kids?

Yes, we do offer eyewear frames for kids. Do let our staff know that you are looking specifically for kids’ frames when you visit our store.

Is this promotion valid for all eye prescriptions?

Yes, there are top up options available starting from $150 for high prescriptions (E.g. 500 degrees & above).

Are there instalment plans available?

Yes, shop now and pay next month in 1 bill or split it into 4 interest-free monthly instalments via Grab PayLater.

*Terms & conditions apply. Better Vision reserves the right to amend the promotion terms or terminate the promotion at any time.