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Best Selling Eyewear for Your Try On Glasses Online!

We offer a wide selection of eyewear for our try on glasses online. As we want our customers to have the best eyewear design based on their preference, we opted to include as many designs as possible. This way, you do not need to visit our stores to look at all the eyewear models we have. Bettervision also allows up to four designs to be included in your request for try on glasses online. This means that from the four most appealing glasses for you, you will be able to choose the best one while at home, in your office or anywhere.

Select your favourite eyewear at the comfort of your own home, for FREE!

Not free to go to our physical shops to select your glasses? With our home try on glasses online service, you can get our frames delivered to your home anytime.


Pick your favourite look from our choices of frames, pick up to four designs and book our try on glasses online so we can deliver them to you to try on without the need to visit our shop. Get the pair that fit you the best and placed order online. It’s just that easy!

Step 1

Browse and pick up to 4 frames you would like to try and checkout with “home try on”. We will deliver to you within 1-3 business days.

Step 2

Step 2 Buy online anytime. Purchase your favourite pair on our website along with customized lens for your prescription. Don’t have a prescription? Click here to book your eye check appointment at the outlet nearest to you!

Step 3

Return the trial frames within 5 working days. What’s App us for doorstep pickup or drop off at any of our outlets. Alternatively, you can also choose to mail the box back to us using the enclosed return pack.

Benefits of Try on Glasses Online

While most of us would probably prefer to visit an eyewear store to buy our eyeglasses, some of us do not have the time to do so. Juggling work, family duties, and other obligations, who has the time to stop by a store and try on some glasses, right? We understand the predicament and we don’t want you to settle for boring glasses that do not complement your facial features just because you’re in a hurry to buy a replacement. Since you will be using them for months or even years, you have to invest in eyeglasses that will make you feel confident and comfortable. Thus, we offer try on glasses online. Here’s how it can benefit you:


  • ConvenienceThe best thing about our try on glasses online is its convenience. You can try on the glasses at home without going to the store. They will be delivered to you! 
  • Lots of OptionsOur try on glasses online allows you to select four designs from our eyewear collection. This means, you get to choose from a group of your most preferred eyewear, the most ideal one for you. 
  • Physical Try OnNothing beats the satisfaction of having to try on the glasses you like before buying them. Our try on glasses online allows you to see for yourself which design will work out with your facial features. 
  • Health SafetyWorried about acquiring diseases in these trying times as you visit an eyewear store and try on their sample glasses? No need to fret with our try on glasses online.

Note: Our home try on is completely free! You do not have to buy if you do not like them. However, we will be holding $100 per frame on your credit card and it will be released in full once you return the trial frames. If the frames are damaged or missing, we will charge your credit card for the damaged or missing item.

Browse for your four most favourite eyeglasses and we will deliver them for you to try on. Book our try on glasses online today!