Bettervision Ortho-K Lens in Singapore

Overnight, ortho-k lenses softly alter the curvature of the eye. Sharp optical focus is formed through altering the length of the eyeball by reshaping the cornea. When you wake up, your cornea’s tiny shift in curvature is sufficient to give you daylong eyesight that is clear and precise. Ortho-k lenses enable a person with myopia to live a normal, daytime life without the use of lenses or eyeglasses while yet having their vision clearly, naturally, and corrected. Children benefit greatly from ortho-k lenses in Singapore because it allows them the flexibility to live a life without restrictions. The advancement of short-sightedness can be significantly slowed or even stopped using ortho-k lenses.


Ortho-K lenses are overnight vision correction lenses that aim to naturally reshape the corneal cones while the wearer sleeps. The end result is a good and correct vision throughout the day without the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. Ortho-K lenses borrowed their name from the science known as Orthokeratology. This study offers temporary vision correction with the help of fitted lenses that are worn overnight. Thus, Ortho-K lenses are often referred to as night lenses. The good thing about Ortho-K lenses is that there is no age limit for prospective candidates. Both children and elderly who are suffering from myopia can have a full day of good vision with the use of these lenses. It is also good to introduce Ortho-K lenses to young children as they were proven to help slow down the development of myopia.

Ortho-K lenses Help With Myopia Among Children

Is your child diagnosed with Myopia? Don’t lose hope, Ortho-K lenses have proven to help slow down the progression of Myopia, especially among your children. Introduce these lenses to your child today and help him or her enjoy a comfortable life.

Enhance Kid’s Vision Effortlessly With Ortho-K Lenses

Since Ortho-K lenses are only worn overnight, your child will have less to worry about during the day. Apart from clearer vision brought by temporary reshaping of corneal cones, there will also be no need to wear eyeglasses all day long!

With Ortho-K Lenses, Kids Can Play Comfortably!

Children are supposed to spend most of their time in active plays. With Ortho-K lenses, your child can enjoy a whole day of correct vision to make playtime safer and more enjoyable.


Frequently Asked Question

Does Ortho-K actually work?

Ortho-K lenses are special types of contact lenses that are designed to help reshape the cornea without undergoing an eye surgery. Studies show that Ortho-K lenses can improve the vision of people suffering from Myopia for about 48 hours after removing the lenses. Furthermore, they are also a notable tool to manage nearsightedness among children.

How much does Ortho-K cost?

Ortho-k is a 2 year treatment program that requires constant follow up. The cost of the treatment program cost $2500.

Which is better: ortho-k or LASIK?

Lasik surgery is an eye surgery that aims to correct the corneal shape. The surgical operation is irreversible and may cause complications to some patients. On the other hand, wearing Ortho-K lenses is a non-invasive way to reshape your cornea and improve your vision for a given period. It is best to ask your ophthalmologist for the right treatment based on your condition for better results.

Can ortho-k damage your eyes?

Not at all. Ortho-K lenses that are manufactured and distributed by authorised optical centres are designed to cause no harm even when worn overnight. You will only need to follow the procedures as advised by your optometrist to guarantee safety and good results.

How long do Ortho-K lenses last?

Ortho-k lenses can last for 2 years in general.

Are ortho-k lenses soft or hard?

Ortho-K lenses are hard contact lenses that are placed on the eyes and left there overnight. While you sleep, Ortho-K lenses correct the shape of your cornea so you can have a good vision when you wake up.

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