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Progressive Lenses Singapore

Progressive lens in Singapore is a form of multifocal lens designed especially for patients who need corrective lenses to see both far and near objects. Simply placed, these lenses allow you to have a better vision at varying depths without the use of a bifocal line. If you are suffering from either nearsightedness or farsightedness your optometrist probably prescribed you to wear eyeglasses with progressive lens in Singapore. For better quality of eyewear and maximum comfort, get your progressive lens only from the best eyewear brand in Singapore, Bettervision! We offer various designers eyewear for fashionable corrective eyeglasses that uses progressive lens in Singapore

Do you know there are 2 main type of progressive lenses?



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a progressive lens cost in Singapore?

Progressive lenses can have varying prices in the Singapore market. The materials used, the credibility of the brand and special features may affect the price. You can get one for as low as $100 (with any frame purchased) from any Better Vision outlet and some may range up to more than $1000.

Which brand of progressive lens is the best?

Depends on your lifestyle needs. We carry brands from Essilor, Hoya, Carl Zeiss and many more. If you spend long hours in front of the computer, it is good to select a lens design with a wider intermediate range. If you spend most of the time outdoors, lens design with a wide distance range would be recommended.  If you spend an equal amount of time indoor and outdoor, a more balanced design will be suitable for you.

Should you wear a progressive lens all the time?

A progressive lens can be worn at all times as it corrects your vision for both distance and near. However, it is recommended to have a 2nd pair of lenses such as an Office lens for different use.

Can I buy progressive lens online?

It is against the Government regulations to prescribe a pair of progressive lenses online. As these are highly customized lenses, the measurements required for each individual will be different. By buying online from unverified sources, measurements are based on default settings and there is a very high chance that you will experience headache or blur vision as your eyes struggle to see through the wrong part of the lens.

Why is my progressive lens blurry?

The progressive lens tends to be blurry at the side as the lens consists of 3 fields of vision, far, intermediate and near. As technology improves, the blurry vision gets minimize with a better quality progressive lens.

What is the difference between the Office lens and the Progressive lens?

The office lens provides 2 fields of vision (intermediate and near) while the progressive lens provides 3 fields of vision (Far, intermediate and near). Office lens is commonly used as an indoor office solution as it provides a wider and comfortable viewing distance for working long hours on a desktop.

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