The Better Vision Story

  • 1951

    Establishing an Optical Business

    Mr Prateep and Mr Khamron Pracharktam founded the company in Bangkok, registering a partnership with Nam Sin Thai  to start an optical business.

  • 1962

    Extending into Lens Manufacturing

    With the registration of Thai Glasses Industry Company Limited (TOC), Mr Prateep and Mr Khamron Pracharktam ventured into lens manufacturing. TOC would become the first glass lens factory in Thailand, and they will go on to develop the production of plastic lenses as well.

  • 1962

    Established Distributor for Thailand Market

    Numsilp Thai established itself as a major distributor in the local optical scene. They began to distribute famous branded eyewear imported from many countries, as well as optical equipments and tools which are necessary for optical business operations.

  • 1965

    The very first optical chain store in Thailand

    Better Vision was established, the first optical chain store in Thailand. A modest optical store, Better Vision provided eye-care consultations and solutions to improve quality of living. Driven with passion and the aim to improve eye-care services, Better Vision was able to stand out and brought itself to a wider clientele.

  • 1991

    Thai Optical Group, from Company limited to listed Company

    TOC broadens it’s lens manufacturing and begins exporting glasses lenses to Asia and Europe. Due to the increase in demand for plastic optical lenses, TOC also piloted the production of plastic lenses with a casting process and created a personalised lens production line. To expand the production line of optical lenses, Thai Optical Group Company Limited (TOG) was established. The business of TOC and TOG has since grown significantly and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on May 16, 2006.

  • 1980

    From small shop to leading company

    From the first generation to the next, Dr. Sawang Pracharktam returned from abroad to takeover the business. Under Dr. Sawang’s management, the business expanded to many shopping malls in Bangkok. The unique point of view of each generation of the Pracharktam family have become the perfect combination to allow the business to grow stably, from a small shop to a leading company.    

  • 2003

    Extended Eye-care to community

    Through our experience providing eye-care service, we understand the difficulties faced in daily lives caused by eye sight problems and even more so by eye diseases. Therefore, Better Vision regularly extends our eye-care services to the community through our CSR programs to solve and improve the problems people faced with their eye sight and eye health. Our company slogan ‘Better Vision for Better Living’ reflects our commitment to the cause.

  • 2005

    Expanded across the region

    Better Vision expanded out of Thailand, to Singapore and Malaysia, under the management of third generation leader Mr. Pakee Pracharktam. With the aim to improve eye-care services and provide cutting-edge solutions to a wider clientele, the company has since established itself as a leading eye-care provider with almost 130 branches across the region.

  • 2015

    Better Vision Thailand 50th anniversary

    Celebrating the 50th anniversary, the company arranged a lucky draw campaign with 2 Honda cars as the top prize. A phacoemulsification machine worth over 1 million baht was donated to Metta Pracharak Hospital as well.

  • 2019

    CSR program in Singapore

    Conducting the CSR program allows us to give back to the society, which helps us to connect with people and strengthen the community. Such programs let us collaborate with TOUCH Community Services TOUCH Young Arrow, where we provided children with eye-care services and prescribed glasses to them. We hope that with their new glasses, they can have a better vision for better living.    

Our team

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