Flatter your face shape with these spectacle frames

Different Face Shapes With Spectacles

Aside from framing your lenses, did you know that choosing a suitable spectacle frame can work to highlight your features such as your cheekbones, chin, or forehead, and accentuate your overall look? With the various spectacle frames available in stores and online in Singapore today, it can be difficult to pick out just one that looks best on you. We match distinct face shapes with the ideal frames, to help you narrow down your selection and arrive at your favourite design. 


Pull your hair away from your face and take a look in the mirror. Your face shape can be determined by the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw, also in proportion to the vertical length of your face (from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin). Keep these prominent facial features in mind as we go on to describe the most common face shapes in Singapore:


If you have an oval face shape, you can count yourself lucky because almost all spectacle frames pair well with your face. Oval faces are slightly elongated, have soft lines, and often have higher cheekbones. Because of their easy proportions, they go well with anything from rectangular, oval, round, cat-eyed, to D-shaped frames and more. Oversized glasses also work particularly well, as the frames flaunt the natural balance of an oval face. 

Eyeglasses For Oval Face Shapes


Unlike oval faces, round face shapes emphasise wider cheekbones and softer angles – as such may require frames with more angles to sharpen the gentle lines of the face. Rectangular frames are the best angular frames for round faces as they provide greater contour to the face, as well as make the face look slimmer with their longer width. 


It’s also good to choose a rim that is narrow and unobtrusive so as not to draw attention to the width of the face; alternatively, frames that are bold and thick-rimmed are suitable for making an edgy statement. Designer eyewear like Christian Dior’s – CD3227 or Coach’s – 6042F flaunt a strong, bold look for round faces, or if a minimal look is your style, you can browse other thin-rimmed designer spectacles on Better Vision’s online store.

Eyeglasses For Round Face Shapes


Square faces have prominent cheekbones, jaws and foreheads that are often all of the same width. Just like round face shapes, square faces are shorter and wider, except with more angular lines and edges. 


Square face shapes can be softened with rounder spectacle frames like round or oval ones, as well as frames that are thin and subtle; whereas, thicker-rimmed and angular frames add more lines and edges that harden the face’s silhouette. You can elongate your face shape by getting frames that sit higher on your nose or browline glasses, such as Furla’s – 358 designer eyewear. This places visual focus higher up on your face, thus lengthening it and making it look slimmer.

Eyeglasses For Square Face Shapes


You’ll find no sweeter face than a heart shaped one. Heart shaped faces are also known as inverted-triangle faces as they have a wider forehead that narrows pleasantly to a small chin, as well as pointed cheekbones that sit high on the face.


As heart shaped faces are defined with edges that come from their cheekbones and chin, it is good to go for a pair of spectacles that are rounded, as well as rimless or thin-rimmed to soften the angles on the face. People with heart shaped faces might also consider getting spectacles that are wider at the top, slightly smaller at the bottom so as to gently mirror the curve of the face. Elle’s -1142 designer eyewear has a thin, lightweight stainless steel rim, is round and smaller at the bottom – a pleasant fit for a heart shaped face.

Eyeglasses For Heart Face Shapes


The opposite of heart shaped faces, triangle faces are narrower at the forehead and wider at the jaws. To balance out the wider bottom half of the face, you can pick a pair of spectacles that are ‘inverse-triangle’ shaped such as cat-eye, aviator and D-shaped frames. You can also get frames that have detailing on the top half, or are half-rimmed, so as to bring focus to the top half of the face. Frames that are wider than the widest part of your face – which for triangle shaped faces, are the jaws – will help to soften and elongate the face too.

Eyeglasses For Triangle Face Shapes

Overall, understanding your face shape can help you to choose the spectacle frames that flatter your face best. If you’re finding it hard to peg-down your favourite pair of spectacles, you can browse online stores in Singapore to easily shop according to spectacle shape (aviator, oval, rectangular, round, square), type (full-rimmed, half-rimmed, rimless), size, and price. Even browse according to your favourite designer eyewear brands, like Braun Buffel, Elle, Ray-Ban etc. so that you can either stick to a collection you know you’ll love or simply open your eyes to new, stylish designs.


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