Safe and Clinically-tested Anti Fatigue Lens

Anti-Fatigue Lens proves to be helpful by minimising eye fatigue and strain which are typically brought on by prolonged reading or usage of digital gadgets. The target market for this type of eyewear is students and young professionals who are spending hours in front of their computer screens. This most recent generation of prescription lenses has been created with your eyesight in mind, reducing eye strain and shielding them from the dangerous radiation that digital devices emit. To enhance visual comfort for daily activities, these glasses contain a slight booster between +0.40 and +0.60 D. They are helpful for eye strain brought on by prolonged desk and office work.


What is EYEZEN?

A product of Essilor’s cutting edge anti-fatigue lens technology, EYEZEN is a lens technology that lets the wearer’s eyes relax while using computers, smartphones and other light-emitting devices. EYEZEN lenses are designed to provide comfort and eye relief for people who need to stay in front of their computer screens for a long period. This anti-fatigue lens can reduce eye strain by improving the readability of small fonts, improve contrasts and reduce glare.

Technologies of EYEZEN

EYEZEN lenses incorporate two technologies: a light filtering technology that helps shield the eyes from damaging blue or UV light released by digital screens and EYEZEN Focus, a special anti-fatigue lens feature which enables visual correction adjustments to the viewing distances of every digital device. At least 20% of the blue light rays that are harmful for the eyes are blocked by EYEZEN lenses. These  anti-fatigue lenses allow useful blue-turquoise light to get through while largely reflecting harmful blue-violet light.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an anti fatigue lens?

Anti-fatigue lens is a special type of single vision lens that is designed for people who are staying too long in front of their computers or other gadgets. This lens is proven to help minimise the effects of fatigue to one’s vision.

What is the difference between anti fatigue lenses and progressive lenses?

Anti fatigue lens is a type of specialty single vision lens that has a power booster at the reading zone to relax eye muscle and reduce accommodation. It is catered to teenagers and young adults between 18 to 38 years old. Progressive lens is for people above 39 years old and have difficulty reading without near vision correction.

Are anti fatigue lenses worth it?

Anti-fatigue lenses are specifically designed for people who are spending too much time in front of their gadgets whether for study or for work. They have been proven to help reduce visual problems among these groups of people. Thus, if you consider yourself as one, it will be worth it to try an anti-fatigue lens.

How long does it take to get used to anti-fatigue lenses?

The length of adjustment when wearing anti-fatigue lenses may vary from person to person. It usually takes less than a week to adapt. However, rest assured that anti-fatigue lenses can help alleviate the problems faced when using devices for long periods of time as well as when reading too small font sizes.

What materials are anti fatigue lenses made?

Anti Fatigue lens are made of plastic lenses with various thickness available depending on your prescription.

What is the minimum requirement for anti fatigue lenses?

You are a suitable candidate for anti-fatigue lens treatment as long as you are short sighted, between 18-38 years old and does a lot of near work.

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